Job interviews: 5 levers to maximize a candidate’s experience

2018-05-11T13:15:08+00:00 May 11th, 2018|Recruitment & Selection|

Finding the right employees for a company is a tough and arduous task. All employers want to be able to optimize the time and effort invested in finding the right person. The only problem is, often they have to sift through hundreds of resumes only to be disappointed that the interviewee didn’t live up to expectations. So here are 5 effective techniques to turn any job interview into a beneficial candidate's experience - and a good recruiter's too! When I first started digging into the [...]

Startups: your competitive advantages to attract and retain interns

2018-05-04T07:30:08+00:00 May 4th, 2018|Recruitment & Selection|

Even if startups are pretty trendy right now, when it comes to hiring the best talents, competition is still fierce among corporate companies and their big names. So what can you do to make the difference and convince great candidates to join your startup? Here are some competitive advantages you might be willing to highlight during the interview: Forget about the “photocopy/coffee internships” Truth is, in big companies, the chances of interns being given real responsibilities are pretty low. Especially if their previous experience only [...]